Increasing Alpha


In order to be happy as men, I think we need to concentrate on increasing alpha.

This term is thrown around alot, but here is how I see it.

Alphas are in shape. Workout 4 times per week. Find a way to eat long-term. I use Intermittent Fasting. Quite simply, I eat only from 1-9, and I make sure I get a well rounded diet that has proper protein levels (for me, around 150g daily). Everyone is different, but find a proper way to eat that you can stick to forever.

Alphas dress properly. Wear stylish clothes that fit.

Alphas take care of their bodies. Keep your hair cut. Manicure those nails and keep them clean. All body hair is trimmed. Wash and take care of your skin. Get out in the sun. Brush and floss. Go to the dentist.

Alphas have a good voice-tone. Not everyone has a deep baritone voice, but you can practice and improve what you have.

Alphas talk to strangers, including girls. Especially girls. Even the unattractive ones. Get in the habit of simply saying “Hi” to strangers with a confident smile. Always maintain eye contact. You’ll be surprised what you can discover from people.

Alphas are busy. Do interesting things.

Alphas don’t worry about money. Always have 2 sources of income, active and passive. Your active income is your job or your business. Your passive income is your investments. Get/Stay out of debt.

Alphas don’t worry about failure or rejection. We embrace them. We learn from them.

Alphas are positive. Nobody likes a complainer and it affects your mindset. Quit your bitching.

Alphas are mysterious. Mystery creates attraction.

I am going to work on these and post results for awhile to hold myself accountable.


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