Nick Saban to Texas?


Mack Brown is being forced to step down at the University of Texas. Rumours are flying around that they will hire Nick Saban.


The biggest reason I think this will not happen is that his wife gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago and she said they are staying at Alabama. Coaches say stuff like that all the time because they have to, but Nick loves his wife of 42 years and would make her out to be a liar if he bolted to Texas.


I am going to keep a list of those who think Nick will or won’t go to Texas:

Stays at Alabama:

Terry Saban, on record in November saying they will retire at Alabama

A.J. McCarron, “He told me he wasn’t going anywhere and the man’s never lied to me in the five years I’ve been there,” 12/12/13

Paul Finebaum, opinion only, but he has many connections and has followed Alabama sports for many years

Kirk Herbstreit, “No chance”, 12/11/13

Chris Low, ESPN reporter, “Having talked to multiple people close to Saban and close to this situation, nobody I trust expects him to leave for Texas.”, 12/11/13

Goes to Texas:

Nobody yet


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